HIC Plate

HIC structural steel plate has been developed for industrial uses where a combination of strength and outstanding toughness are necessary such as mining and quarrying, material handling, construction and earthmoving, and offshore fabrication.

It has the considerable advantage of providing high strength while offering weight reductions which improves the efficiency of plant and equipment.

It is used in the manufacture of cranes, forklift trucks, bridges, mooring equipment, vehicle chassis, to name but a few applications.

High strength hic steel plate can be easily welded and fabricated but its high yield strength and tensile strength compared with mild steel means that it should be treated with some caution.


  • the intensity of general building and all kinds of engineering machinery
  • Building Construction,
  • High-pressure container
  • Boiler
  • Large Structure steel

Available Grade(s)

  • ASTM 516 Gr.60
  • ASTM 516 Gr.65
  • ASTM 516 Gr.70
  • ASME 516 Gr.60
  • ASME 516 Gr.65
  • ASME 516 Gr.70